Acne can be very painful and frustrating to deal with—worse still when over-the-counter topical treatments seem to have little to no effect. Luckily, there’s a small yet powerful alternative solution that may surprise you: the birth control pill. Doctors have been prescribing the pill for acne treatment and management for decades. Despite this, there’s still some confusion about the pill being effectively used this way. Dima is here to help clear things up.



Hormones play a big part in acne rearing its ugly (white)head. Everyone produces testosterone and other androgens (male sex hormones), which are important for your health. Although, high levels of testosterone are also responsible for your skin producing excess sebum, this is also what causes acne.


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The pill can help keep your period on a schedule (rejoice, fellow ladies whose uteruses have never heard of a calendar!). It also regulates your hormones, which can help with PMS and dysmenorrhea, among other things. With combination pills, this hormone regulation can also be very effective in keeping your acne in check.

Different brands use different hormone combinations; some combinations are more helpful than others for acne treatment. What hormonal pills in the Philippines can help? Liza, Lizelle, and Cybelle pills are some birth control pills options offered by Dima that have been shown to help with acne. Liza and Lizelle pills are generic versions of Yazmin and Yaz, which both use drospirenone. This progestin’s anti-androgenic properties are well-known to lower testosterone and other androgen levels. Cybelle pills are the generic version of Diane 35, which is the most commonly used birth control pill for acne treatment in the Philippines.

You may experience certain side effects in the first 2 to 3 months of starting the pill. Somewhat counterintuitively, one common temporary side-effect is an increase in acne. Don’t freak out! It’s just your body getting used to its hormones being leveled out. As long as you don’t experience other more serious side effects, stick with it for a few more months, and you should notice a positive difference in your acne.

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Published on
January 24, 2020