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Protec Pills

P 50.00

Box of 28 tablets.

Protec pills are an easy and reliable way how to prevent pregnancy.

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Protec Pills

P 50.00


2nd generation contraceptive pill.

  • Protec is a safe to use oral contraceptive pill.
  • Apart from prevent pregnancy, the Protec pill can also help manage menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and excessive bleeding (menorrhagia).
  • Protec’s active ingredients are ethinyl estradiol 30mcg and levonorgestrel 150mcg.


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Take the first Protec pill on the first day of your period. Start with the pill marked number 1, and follow the arrows as indicated on the pack. You should be taking the pill at the same time each day. To make sure you take it at the right time, we recommend incorporating it into your daily routine, such as after eating a specific meal or before going to sleep.

If you start taking the pill after the first 24 hours of your cycle, you will need to wait seven days before you are fully protected from pregnancy. Please make sure to use alternative forms of contraception during this time.

No problem; just avoid unprotected sex for the first seven days. Do this by using additional forms of contraception, like Protec Condoms.

Start a new pack the next day after taking the last placebo pill (the brown pills).

You should get your period during the days you're taking the placebo pills.

If you decide to stop taking the pill, only stop after you finish your pack otherwise bleeding may start.

Either of those things can interfere with the absorption of your pill. If you vomit within two hours of taking the pill, another pill should be taken as soon as possible. If persistent vomiting and diarrhea last more than 24 hours, follow the instructions on missed pills.

If you miss taking an active pill (the white ones), take it as soon as you remember. Then, take the next pill due for the day at the regular time, even if it means taking two pills in one day. Continue taking one pill each day as usual after that. In this scenario, you'll still be protected from pregnancy and won't need backup contraception.

Missing two or more active pills consecutively, however, increases your chances of getting pregnant. If this happens, take the most recently missed active pill as soon as you remember, and discard all the other previously missed pills. Take the next scheduled pill at the usual time and avoid unprotected sex for the next seven days (as above, we recommend the Protec condom).

Count the active pills you have left in the pack. If one to six active pills are left in the pack, finish the remaining active pills and discard all the placebo pills. Start a new pack immediately. Note that bleeding may not come at the regular time.

If there are seven or more active pills left in the pack, continue taking the contents of the pack including your placebo pills. Start a new pack once your current one is finished.

Do not take Protec if you:
• Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding
• Have Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure
• Have a History of Blood Clots
• Are a Smoker over 35

You should inform your healthcare provider (or book a consultation) if you have the following conditions before starting Protec Pills:
• Liver Disorders
• Clotting Disorders
• Breast and Cervical Cancer
• Sickle Cell Anemia
• Hormone Active Tumors
• Hyperlipidemia
• Severe Cardiovascular Disease
• Previous or Existing Thromboembolic Diseases
• Idiopathic Jaundice

No serious ill effects have been reported, even with accidental overdose. You may experience mild side effects such as headaches, tender/sore breasts, altered moods, changes in appetite, and abdominal cramps. Don't worry! These are temporary and should subside within the first three months.

Severe Side Effects:
While unlikely, always consult with a doctor if your symptoms become intolerable. If you experience the following, please contact your doctor or go to an emergency room immediately:
• Severe Abdominal Pain
• Chest Pain
• Severe Headaches
• Eye Problems (Blurred Vision)
• Swelling or Aching in the Legs and Thighs

Taking drugs for infection (such as ampicilin, chloramphenicol, neomycin, penicilin v, nitrofurantoin, sulfonamides, tetracycline, and isoniazid), and pain (such as analgesic, anti-migraine, and tranquilizer medication) with Protec may decrease the contraceptive pill's efficacy. Taking drugs that induce hepatic enzymes, such as anti-epileptic drugs (carbamazepine, oxcarbazepine, felbamate, topiramate, phenytoin), anti-fungal (griseofulvin), anti-diabetic (troglitazone), musculoskeletal (phenylbutazone), and anti-tuberculosis (rifampicin) drugs can also bring own the efficacy of the Protec pill.

If you are advised to take the aforementioned drugs, please talk to your healthcare provider or book a phone consultation through us first to determine the proper intake and dosage schedule for you.

Taking Protec and anti-infective drugs (such as clarithromycin, erythromycin, itraconazole, ketoconazole, ritonavir) or grapefruit juice may cause adverse effects.

Taking the Protec pill and troleandomycin may increase the risk of cholestatic jaundice.

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