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Benzoper kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, and unplugs blocked pores.

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P 450.00


Benzoyl Peroxide

Each gram contains:

  • Hydrous Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Eq. to Anhydrous Benzoyl peroxide 50 mg.
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First, wash your face with clean hands and lukewarm water. You should use a mild soap, ideally the included Aczee Soap. Dry your face before applying the medicine.

Only apply a thin layer of Benzoper to the affected areas, using clean hands or cotton. Make sure to avoid your eyes, nose, mouth, and any areas that may be irritated or sore. Do this twice a day. If you're also using Acnoin (Isotretinoin), or tretinoin, avoid applying Benzoper at the same time.

Yes! You should always use sunscreen, even when you aren't using Benzoper. That being said, this medicine makes your skin extra prone to irritation which can be caused by the sun. Please be diligent about applying sunscreen in the morning, and reapplying as needed throughout the day. We recommend a sunscreen that's easy on the skin, like Dermplus Moisturizing Sunscreen.

Store your Benzoper tube at temperatures not exceeding 30ºC, and keep it out of reach of children.

Benzoper is for external use only. Keep it out of your mouth, eyes, and nose. If you accidentally expose the previously mentioned areas to Benzoper, thoroughly rinse the affected area with water.

• A mild burning sensation on the first application
• moderate reddening and peeling of the skin within a few days
• Sudden increase in peeling during the first few weeks

• skin diseases such as dermatitis, seborrhea, and eczema
• skin abrasions and inflammation, denuded skin, sunburn, and windburn

Patients should limit their sunlight (UV) exposure and diligently use Dermplus Moisturizing Sunscreen while using Benzoper to decrease the risk of skin irritation.

Do not use Benzoper if you:
- have benzoic acid hypersensitivity, sulfate hypersensitivity, or paraben hypersensitivity
- are pregnant or breastfeeding

Do not get Benzoper on your hair or clothes, as it may cause bleaching.

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