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2+1 Nala Starter Kit

P 570.00

The 2+1 Nala Starter Kit offers a bundle of biodegradable, certified chemical-free pads at a much lower price.

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  • Get started with the full NalaWoman Period Care you purchase our Starter Kit bundle. In this kit you’ll receive 1 Day Pad (10pcs), 1 Night Pad (10pcs), and 1 Pantyliner (24pcs) at 50 pesos in total savings.
  • NALA products are biodegradable, certified chemical-free pads made to celebrate what it means to be a Woman.
The Benefits of NALA Products: 1. All NALA products are made with NALA GOTS-certified Organic cotton, and are anatomically shaped for maximum comfort and leak protection. 2. NALA Pads are certified non-toxic. Traditional pads (other brands in the Philippines) are made with artificial fibers such as Rayon and are exposed to toxic chemicals that lead to long-term irritation and other vaginal health problems. Your body deserves better! 3. Traditional pads take 500-800 years to biodegrade. NALA pads take only 3 to 5 years!
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Just like using a regular pad, simply unwrap the biodegradable pad from its container and place it on your underwear. Make sure it is placed securely and properly aligned in order to maintain placement throughout use.

The duration of sanitary pad use depends on the intensity of your flow, so change pads as needed. For sanitary reasons, however, make sure to not keep using the same pad for longer than 12 hours.

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