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Medium Cotton Pads

P 145.00

Instead of throwing away your pads and creating more waste, cotton pads allow you to just wash off your discharge and reuse them again for a much more eco-friendly option.


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Medium Cotton Pads

P 145.00

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  • These pads are designed for medium-flow days. They are approximately 10 inches in length, with a bit of wiggle room as these are handmade products rather than machine-manufactured.
  • The composition of each pad has a cotton top, three layers of terry for the core, and a weave of waterproof fabric and cotton for the bottom. Sewing markers can sometimes seen on the pads while they are new, but they are washable and will disappear after initial washing.
  • These pads are proudly made in the Philippines!
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Just like using a regular pad, simply place your cotton pad on your underwear. Make sure that the pad is properly aligned so that it stays secure.

For sanitary reasons, do not use the same pad for longer than 12 hours at a time. After using, rinse your pad and let it dry.

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